Stomp out Stigma for the Mentally Ill

We The People

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Editor’s Note:  Though this petition is mainly for the U.S., it is good to know that people are out there trying to make changes for the good of those who are afflicted.  Maybe something similar can be started here in the Philippines.  Also, I personally will start calling this disease by its proper name from now on.  I enjoin others to do so. Thank you.


We have a brain disease. Please Change the Name to Neurosynaptic Dysfunction.

Changing the Name of Mental Illness is a new organization whose goal is to help end the stigma surrounding mental illness. Mental Illness is a misnomer. The actual cause is a biochemical disease of the brain which causes mental problems. The name needs to be changed to what it actually is, Neurosynaptic Dysfunction.

The brain has many different chemicals that are transported between the neurotransmitters and the synapses. In a person with mental illness, these do not function correctly. It is not a mental illness it is a brain illness.

Please sign this petition. When people are aware that we have a brain dysfunction, a neurosynaptic dysfunction, people should understand we are not mental or crazy. We have a disease. Help stop the stigma by educating the public about this disease.