May Angels Lead You In

By Ramon Osmeña

Hi I’m Ramon Osmeña, eldest of the 3 brothers. Anton and Stefan are my younger brothers.

My brother Anton was born Sept 20, 1982, which makes us a year apart in age. That was the day I met my best friend. For some of you, you know him as A.O., for me, he was my little brother Anton. For as long as I can remember, I had Anton by my side every single day. I fondly remember the two of us growing up in Hawaii, with my mom, my tita, and lola. And those were such good memories. I would always pick on my little brother Anton, who would be so gullible to my antics. I once made him roll into a ball, and wrapped him in a blanket, and rolled him across the room, he hit is head so hard on the wall that we had to bring him to the ER.

We had such fond memories growing up with our titos and titas.

Growing up with Anton, I always admired him because he was the smarter one between the two of us. He wasn’t always the smartest in class, but he worked the hardest. He would always get first honors in Southridge where we went to school. He was a perfectionist. His classmates said that when he would get 98%, he would be so disappointed in himself because he missed the 2 points and didn’t get 100%. He never knew this, but I was always jealous of him because I could never get the grades he got. I guess that’s why I picked on him sometimes.

I was also always envious of Anton because he could play the guitar way better than I ever could. And he could sing far better than I could. I always tried to catch up with him in that aspect but I could never surpass him there. He was such a talented kid.

Anton was one of the wittiest guys I ever knew. His humor, his jokes, and his one-liners were so quirky that he always made everybody laugh. He dubbed our Mapua family vacation as the Mexico Fail cruise on the “Carnival Splendor.”

He was an organized planner. Every time we would travel, he would be the point person in airports, knowing everything about the check-in, boarding gates, connecting flights, etc. My mom and I would just follow him. I had such go

od memories of Anton and I traveling together. We went to Hawaii, San Francisco, Michigan, LA, and so many other places.

As we got older, there were times we weren’t the closest buddies any more. I guess this was due to the fact that he had his own friends, and I had mine. I guess I just got a little tired of him always being there and wanted something of my own. But in our hearts we both knew that we were the same little buddies who were inseparable.

When my brother left for flying school at Omni Aviation, he had to live in Angeles, and that was when I realized that I missed having him around. I would always look forward to him coming home once every week to get clothes, because we would always play NBA 2K12 on his Xbox. That was our bonding moment. I was so thrilled when he finished Omni and said he would live in the house again, so now we could play NBA 2K12 everyday. When we would play that game, it was like we were kids again, not a care in the world, just laughing, shouting and getting competitive with each other. And I will cherish those moments forever. I would always look for my brother, invite him out with my friends, and became friends with his friends, I would unite barkadas just so that my brother could be in the picture with me. I guess because I would just like having him around.

After my dad died in 2007, it was a hard time for my family. But we kept it together. We took care of each other. That’s why when my mom had to leave in 2010 for Michigan to live with her husband, I was saddened, because I did not know how we would handle our little brother Stefan who has special needs. So we divided our roles in the house, as I took on the managing of the house finances and he took care of Stefan. He did such a good job in handling Stef. I want to thank you Anton for all those times you were selfless and took care of our younger brother.

Anton, I never got to tell you this, but I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. You became a pilot and got to live your dream. You are such an over-achiever! Most of us just have jobs for the money, but you actually got to live your dream, and excel at it. Every time people would ask me about what you do, I was always so proud to say that you are a pilot. And I was always so proud to tell people that you are my brother. Even though you don’t think I’m your best friend, YOU are my best friend. You are the best brother anyone could ever have. I admire your hard work, integrity, honesty, obedience, kindness and selflessness. You always put other people’s interests ahead of your own. An admirable trait you got from our dad. A trait I have yet to learn, and for that, you are my idol.

A lot of people wondered why Anton was quiet towards the end, but this is why: He did not want to bother anyone with his problems and he did not want to be a burden on anyone. He was a selfless guy. He was just the nicest guy I knew. Never bothering anyone with his problems and always just smiling. I will never forget that smirk and smile. I will never forget you Anton. I wish I could hug you now Anton. I never got to tell you this, because I was too proud, but I love you so much Anton. I always have, and I always will. Not a day will go by without me thinking of you. I will miss our NBA 2K12 times, and I will miss you in the house. And you are still my best man in my wedding. We are all so proud of you Anton, and we all love you. This is a tribute to one kind, gentle, selfless, funny, witty, intelligent, caring, wonderful person; to the most obedient son, the most loving boyfriend, and the best brother any one could ever have, my brother… Anton Osmeña.