How to Tell Someone You are Depressed


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Depression can really take a lot out of a person. Not only does depression affect your ability to perform everyday activities, but depression also has a way of making a person feel isolated from their friends and family. As depression becomes progressively harder to deal with, people often find difficulty in communicating with their loved ones. Well, in order to receive the proper care you deserve and need, speaking up plays an immense role in the process of healing.

With that being said, one thing to understand is the fact that there is never a “perfect” time to tell a loved one difficult things like this. Now, I’m not strongly advising you to announce your 3-year-old sister’s birthday party, but I am saying that you should never excuse hiding how you feel because of a current scenario. You matter more than the timing does.

Also, sometimes we find it difficult to understand that the people we want to talk to about our feelings are here for us. And I’ll bet you anything that your loved ones would much rather like to know about hard times early on, as opposed to finding out when the problems have grown into something even harder to work through. And, as a person who has experienced seeing a loved one with depression, I can say this with much confidence.

Often times, starting the conversation seems like an awfully anxiety inducing experience. This is highly understandable, though isn’t impossible to overcome, especially once you’ve convinced yourself you’re getting the help you deserve. (Which you are, because you’re important enough to get that help. And you matter enough to share your feelings.) If you’re unsure of how to start off talking to this person, maybe just tell them, “Hey_____, I’ve been feeling kind of weird lately. Do you think we could talk about it?” (Remember, you can replace the word “weird” with any adjective that floats your boat. This is an important step to healing–you don’t have to follow a script! In fact, you can tell a person however you want to. I’m only giving suggestions here.)

The most important thing to remember would be that your goal is to gain even more support in your life because you’re important enough to get the tools you need to battle depression. This might not be the easiest thing in the world for you to do, but the hardest things in life can turn out to have the greatest impact. Besides, how can anyone be part of a solution when no attention is brought to a problem? Follow your expectation and go about your way of getting help, as long as you’re vocal about your feelings. Keep in mind that you matter, and speak up.


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