Depression Survivor: Anton’s Classmate Speaks Out

You Can Beat Depression
The author of this article was a highschool classmate of Anton. He agreed to write this article for this website to give others an insight into the trials and pain a person with Depression goes through.  He also wishes to give those living with Depression hope that you CAN BEAT DEPRESSION.
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Hello there folks. My name is Chris Lim and I am the writer and illustrator of the on-going online comic series known as MAG-ISA:

And I used to be a classmate of Anton back in Southridge.

Now to get to the point, yes I was formerly suicidal. Through most of my late teens to early twenties. Because I’ve been through a lot of horrible things in this life. No need to go into details of what they are. But the point is, it felt like I was fighting an uphill battle… out-numbered… out-gunned… surrounded… and no sign of reinforcements to put it metaphorically. Cuz I had nobody to turn to. Nobody to understand me. No shoulder to lean on. Nobody to catch my tears. Nothing. I had nothing.

And long story short, I was going in and out of the psychiatrist’s office. Just sitting there and talking to some older gentleman whose first name is “Doctor”… and he would just nod his head and listen… or pretend he is listening. Sometimes he cant even pretend he’s listening. He would just take out his blackberry and talk to God knows who. And sometimes he would just write me a prescription for selexa (an SSRI drug class similar to Prozac).

And when I’m on that drug I would feel this total state of emotional numbness. That even if someone would punch me in the face (I was part of an MMA gym at that point so yes I did get punched in the face multiple times and did not feel like hitting back) or cut me off in traffic I won’t even feel like retaliating. It was like an artificial calmness.

But once the effects have worn off, I remember feeling even MORE DEPRESSED. I’d end up punching walls, throwing stuff around, and just drinking alcohol. I also resorted to things like drenching myself with very hot water (getting burns in the neck and back and sometimes thighs as a result) and staring at a kitchen knife while aiming it at me. And thinking of just falling on the thing and ending my life.

Anyway enough of talking about my former sorry state of existence. Now to get at SOLUTIONS.  First off… the solution is to realize… to understand… these key concepts:

1) You are a spiritual being who is living an experience in this 3rd dimensional dense reality in a physical body that is just an outer shell and not really you. For you are consciousness.

2) There is a God who loves you so much that he sent is son Jesus Christ to this world… in order to take the karma that is supposedly due to the human race for all our sins… when he went to that cross.

3) You have been lied to your entire life. A world has been pulled before your eyes. A matrix of lies. Lies from many different sources. Lies that can be depressing and can lead you to kill yourself if you’re not careful. Lies to keep you in ignorance and allow negativity to reign in your life. I’d leave it at that. But the point is, you SEEK OUT the truth. And the more you realize that there is more to life than just going to school and getting a 9-5 job and having children and just withering and dying… the less you will even think about committing suicide. Or feeling emptiness.

At this point in time my life isn’t perfect. And there are still some problems I am still dealing with today that I have been dealing with at the same time back in the past. But there is no way I’d be feeling like committing suicide or spending a very long time stuck in a depressive rut.
Because I know I have a purpose in life. And that purpose is to do my part to the best of my ability, to assist in the spiritual advancement of the human race. And I know that if I were to die tomorrow my legacy would live on through the comics I have produced over the years. And knowing that, I know I am going to die happy.

The key here is developing spiritual awareness. Questioning your reality. And seeking answers. And if the answers you arrive at lead you towards depression and negativity, that answer is either wrong or you missed something or misunderstood something. For ye shall know them by their fruits. (Matthew 7:16)

I have started this process during the time I was in this dark hole of depression. And sorry if you disagree with me but after all these years of seeking, I have been led to the acceptance of Jesus Christ as my Lord and my Savior.

Spiritual problems require spiritual solutions. If the drugs dont work, that is a sign that the problem is spiritual and not physical. You get depressed and suicidal because of your resentment. Because you refuse to let go of that which is bothering you. And if you refuse to let go of that resentment it will consume your soul in the end.

Sure… do the other things that other people have talked about on overcoming depression. Things like talking to a friend or support group… venting it out through art, poetry or music… hanging out close to nature… meditation… etc. Yes those things help.


Anyway, I hope you had a fine time reading this article that may seem like incoherent rambling or something. Thank you for your patience reading my stuff.

God bless you all.

Do not repay evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary, bless,
for to this you were called, that you may obtain a blessing.  (1 Peter 3:9)


Should you have questions you would like to ask the author, you can email him privately by clicking on this link.