Depression Survivor: A Survivor Tells Her Story

You Can Beat Depression
The author of this article wishes to remain anonymous. But she wants to give others an insight into the trials and pain a person with Depression goes through.  She also wishes to give those living with Depression hope that you CAN BEAT DEPRESSION.
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One of my shrinks told me that the shock of learning of my husband’s infidelity was so sudden and so severe that it FRIED MY BRAIN. His words, not mine. My brain could no longer produce serotonin and I needed meds to trigger my brain to produce it daily. Likewise, my GP told me that I will have to be on meds for the rest of my life. I was devastated. The rest of my life I will be dependent on this little capsule?
But I accepted this medical prognosis, and my fear disappeared. It is what it is.

Depression is an invisible disease. It is all in the brain. It is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Physiologically, the brain is all about chemicals and electricity. I believe that some people are born with a propensity towards this chemical imbalance. I believe that some of these people can live their whole lives normally, not even knowing they have it. I believe that others experience such a traumatic event that their brains, being predisposed, trigger the imbalance to a greater degree, producing true clinical depression where meds are necessary.

These powerful psychotropic drugs have come a long way, from the initial days of Prozac. Today, these drugs are chemically better, with less debilitating side effects, and are not addictive. It is not an exact science, of course, that is why close monitoring and communication between doctor and patient is crucial. Dosages have to be re-calculated. In Natasha Goulbourne’s case, it is my opinion that her doctor was insensitive (he killed himself a year after). I had a shrink like that once; I fired him and got another one. Why? Because I was suicidal; my life literally depended on it.

After many trial-and-errors and two suicide attempts, I finally received the right drug. I started to come out of the dark, cold cave that had become my home for 6 months. I continued with my therapy too. My shrink explained that the regimen of meds and therapy combined will help me get out of my depression quicker than just taking meds alone. In fact, it is even in the small print that comes with each prescription. So that’s what I did. I also joined other talk-therapy groups. In other words, I did whatever I could to get out of this terrible feeling. It took another 6 months of this regimen until I finally felt non-suicidal.

The point I’m trying to make is what the NGF is also advocating: Depression is real. But there is help out there. However, YOU are the only one who can advocate on your behalf because depression is different for everyone. Learn as much about the disease as you can. If you don’t like your doctor, get another one. If you need meds, take them but be sure you tell your doc what you are feeling so he can adjust them. Find a talk-therapy support system, whether a one-on-one counseling or a group setting. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU BECAUSE YOUR LIFE LITERALLY DEPENDS ON IT.

Finally, I learned to stop getting angry with people who told me to stop doing this, to stop doing that, to do this, to do that. They love me and are just concerned. I listen and weigh their words. But I make the final decision because it is MY life.

We all search for the reason we were born, what is our purpose? That dark episode in my life, ironically, gave me my purpose: To share my experience, strength, and HOPE with others. God works in mysterious ways, and if He made me go to hell and back to awaken me to my purpose, then so be it.

Should you have questions you would like to ask the author, you can email her privately by clicking on this link.

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