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Who this website is for:

For those who know Anton: COMMEMORATE

This website was made to celebrate the life our our beloved Anton Osmeña. Though he lost his final battle to depression, we want to remember him more for how he lived his life. Please feel free to send us letters, pictures, anecdotes… anything that memorializes Anton’s life. You can email us here.

For Survivors of Suicide: CONTINUE LIVING

This website was also made to help other Survivors of Suicide cope with the tremendous emotions that follow a completed suicide. May you find in this website, articles that may help put into perspective the feelings of guilt, anger, sorrow and sadness. Know that things will get better.

For those going through Depression and Suicidal Thoughts: CHOOSE LIFE

And lastly, we hope that potential suicides may come across this website and see that although you may feel like you are alone, there is so much love around you. May you find articles in here that may help you choose life.