A Letter to George Anderson from the Father of a Suicide

The Original Text comes from the website: Ask George Anderson
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Dear George Anderson:

I am writing to you this letter from Russia.

Again it is another holiday time, and my heart is very heavy since the passing of my son Fyodor two years past. He was a very bright, sensitive, beautiful boy, but he had many problems on the earth. He seemed to have many dreams and beautiful thoughts, but he found many torments from people near him, and became very unhappy. Even though I told him many times soon he will be his own person and make a wonderful life for himself, he took his own life before his age of 17 years.

Dear George, my heart is so broken from the pain–he was my beautiful boy. I know when he is born that he is too good for this world, and this world kills dreams when it does not understand. He could be anything, anything he want, but he was not strong enough to fight the torment from people and from his soul.

I read your book many times–thank you for explaining about Suicide. I know in my heart my beautiful son did not end his life to hurt me, but to stop pain in his own heart. I know this is quite long, but my question is here–Why is God, who makes everything on the earth, make mistakes with some people who has torments in their souls and not want to live? Why does this happen, when so many people love them?



Dear Marta:

I understand your pain. Many parents can’t understand why their children, who are so loved, feel their lives are not worth living.
Suicide is a terminal illness. More people would understand suicide if it were as easy to spot as cancer. But it isn’t, and sometimes it is so well hidden by people who are in pain, that no one knows it is there.

The Infinite Light (God) is at Its most compassionate with regard to those who pass by their own hand. I have found in my years of hearing from the souls who passed in this manner that it was almost as if they had no control over their actions–it was very much like an illness that took over them, killing them in the process.

One thing I have noticed about these souls is the same as your statement–they are too good for the earth. They are sensitive souls, with a purity about them that we all have when we embark on our journey on the earth. While we are here, we craft a hard shell to protect our sensitive souls, like an egg–but there are some souls whose purity is left exposed, and they find themselves unable to cope with the pain, ugliness and hatred on the earth. I truly believe that something within them tells them to go home.

These beautiful souls are even more beautiful when they communicate from the hereafter. As much as they understand it would have been better to finish their lessons on the earth, not one of the souls who passed by their own hand is sorry to have made the decision. Life was too hard for them here, and they are continuing their journey in a much more peaceful, joyous and compassionate place. The Infinite Light makes no mistakes, but understands and forgives the mistakes we make because it understands us at the very fiber of our being. Part of the soul’s new spiritual journey from their unique place is to help us understand, accept, and begin to pull the pieces of our lives back together, so that we can finish our journey here and see them again. The souls promise us that when we see them again, it will be as if not one second has passed since we saw them last, and we will reunite with them in a world of joy.

At the end of grief in this world is joy in the next. Hold on until that wonderful day.


George Anderson